The Friends of Max Hayes are grateful
to all community members who supported
the Motogo program including:  

Pete Accorti 

John Colm & Janice McCourt

Dr. Judith Crocker
Allen Forsyth

Great Lakes Towing Company

Chuck & Pat Mintz

O'Neill Brothers Foundation 

Tom & Judy Schumann
Mike Summers 

Leslie Yerkes



Over the course of ten weeks, 24 students from eight different CMSD junior high schools came to Max S. Hayes High School. Through the program, students were introduced to the Max Hayes building and career & technical education. They also learned about proper tool usage, measurement, calculations, and small engine operation and maintenance. The program also encouraged students to learn from failure, take pride in learning new things, work in teams, and communicate effectively. Participants reported that the program improved their self-confidence and self-efficacy and...they had fun!